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Subdivision Planning and Design Standards


THE TABLE below presents the planning and design standards for residential subdivision of socialized housing based on BP 220 and PD 957.

Parameters Socialized Housing
1. Maximum Selling Price PhP225,000 – an approved socialized housing project shall not be upgraded to any other type of housing project.
2. Project Location Within suitable areas for housing and outside potential hazard prone and protected areas.
3. Land Allocation for Project one (1) hectare and above

a. Saleable Area
b. Non-saleable area
Allocation for parks and playgrounds per tabulation below:

a. Variable
See open space requirement as per b.1, b.2, and b.3
b.1 Area for parks and playgrounds for Project one (1) hectare and above Density (no. of lots
or dwelling units Per Hectare)
% of Gross Area
for Parks & Playgrounds
150 & below
above 225
An addition of 1% increment for every additional of 1 or fraction thereof above 225
*Allocation for parks & playground should not be less than 100 square meters and shall be strategically located within the subdivision project.
b.2 Area for Community Facilities Provision of multi-purpose center for socialized housing projects with area of one (1) hectare and above is a must. These areas are non-saleable. However, the developer may provide areas for community facilities such as schools and convenience/retail centers in excess of mandatory requirement, which is saleable. The use of the said area shall be indicated in the plan.
Density (no. of lots
or dwelling units Per Hectare)
% of Gross Area
for Parks & Playgrounds
150 & below
above 225
4. Minimum Lot Areas
a. Single Detached
b. Duplex/Single Attached
c. Rowhouse

64 square meter
48 square meter
32 square meter
Saleable lots designated as duplex/single attached and/or rowhouse lots shall be provided with housing components.

Price of saleable lots intended for single detached units shall not exceed 40% of the maximum selling price for house and lot package.
5. Minimum Lot Frontage

5.1  Single Detached
a. Corner Lot
b. Regular Lot
c. Irregular Lot
d. Interior Lot

5.2  Single Attached/Duplex

5.3  Rowhouse

8 meters
8 meters
4 meters
3 meters

6 meters

4 meters
6. Length of block
Maximum length of block is 400 meters, however blocks exceeding 250 meters shall be provided with a 3-meter path walk/alley approximately at mid length.
7. Water supply
Connection to appropriate public water system is a must. Each subdivision shall have at least an operational deep well and pump sets with sufficient capacity to provide all homeowners. A spare pump and motor set is also reserved. Water supply shall be potable and adequate.
7.1  Minimum Water Supply Requirement

7.2  Fire Protection Demand
150 liters per day per household connection.

Provision for fire protection facilities shall comply with the requirements of the Fire Code.
8. Electrical Power Supply
Individual household connection to primary and alternate sources of power if services are available in the locality.

Street lighting per pole, if distance per pole is 50 meters; street lighting at every other pole, if the distance per pole is less than 50 meters.

Electric bills shall be proportionately shouldered by the users.

Installation practices, materials and fixtures used shall be in accordance with the provision of the Philippine Electrical Code and local utility company.
9. Drainage System The drainage system shall be made of concrete lined canal with adequate capacity and with load bearing.

The drainage system must conform with the natural drainage pattern of the subdivision site and shall drain into appropriate water bodies and public drainage system.

If applicable, underground drainage system shall be provided with adequate reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), catch basins, manholes/inlets, and cross drain for efficient maintenance. Minimum drainage pipe diameter shall be 300 millimeters.
10. Sewage Disposal System

Septic Tank

Connection to Community Water System

Individual septic tanks construction shall conform to standards and design of the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

Shall be made to an approved public or community sewer system subject to the requirements and provisions of the Sanitation Code of the Philippines and other applicable rules and regulations.
11. Garbage Disposal System
Sanitary and efficient waste collection and disposal system whether independently or in conjunction with the local government collection and disposal services.
12. Shelter Component

12.1 Minimum Floor Area
a. Single Detached
b. Single Attached/Duplex
c. Rowhouse


18 square meters
18 square meters
18 square meters
Provision of firewall for duplexes/single-attached units and at every unit for row houses.

The number of row houses shall not exceed 20 units per block/cluster but not more than 100 meters in length.
12.2 Minimum Level of Completion
a. Single Detached
b. Single Attached/Duplex
c. Rowhouse

Shell house (with doors and windows to enclose the units)
Same (Structural design shall consider provision of loft in the future)
13. Setback/Yard
a. Front Setback
b. Side Yard
c. Rear Yard
d. Abutments

1.5 meters
1.5 meters (from the building line)
2.0 meters
May be allowed per requirement of the National Building Code

Source: National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO), “Cooperatives in Housing – Construction Management: A Guide for Cooperatives on Managing Construction Work”, 2004.

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