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Buying a Land or Lot? Use MapSys to Ensure it's NOT Atop the Mountain or Floating on Water

Asset Reform - Guides to Take Care of Your Property


HAVE YOU ever been very eager to acquire property investment by buying a land or lot but having second thoughts because the property location might be dubious and the land title seems fake? Fear not anymore. The Chamber of Real Estate Builders' Association, Inc. (CREBA) can help you get a parcel vicinity map, through its online mapping system, to check if the property you plan to purchase is really existing and have an authentic title.

Sample Map Templates

Full Vicinity Map with Lot Sketch/Data Lot Plan and Vicinity Map for Multiple Parcels
Click Here to View Larger Image Click Here to View Larger Image

CrebaLand MapSys is the first fully automated parcellary mapping system online in the Philippines. In just a minute, it can generate information-packed and visually appealing Parcel Vicinity Maps that show the exact location and geographic features of a parcel of lot or land. With the generated map, you can accurately locate the parcel on the ground by simply using a compass and your car's odometer, or a GPS if you have one. Details are also included to show if your source document (lot/land title or survey plan) is erroneous in its descripiton of the parcel. You can verify, therefore, that the lot or land offered you is not sitting on top a mountain or floating on water.

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Unlad Kabuhayan for Self-employed and Housewives

Employment and Livelihood - Pangkabuhayan Programs


THE DEPARTMENT of Labor and Employment (DOLE) helps self-employed and unpaid family workers, such as housewives, by providing them livelihood assistance with income the same as that of minimum wage earners through its Unlad Kabuhayan program.

Qualified beneficiaries are informal workers such as farmers, fisher folks, ambulant vendors or peddlers, ambulant service providers, vendors, tricycle or pedicab drivers and operators, among others.

DOLE, through its provincial offices, provides funds to buy equipment, raw materials, and tools. It also gives trainings, orientation and advisories on the entrepreneurship development, business planning, productivity improvement, workers’ safety and health, and networking and business alliance.

Applicants need the following requirements:

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How to Achieve the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) at the Barangay

Participatory Governance - Achieving MDGs at the Communities


IN SEPTEMBER 2000, the United Nations General Assembly concluded the Millennium Summit with the adoption of the Millennium Declaration renewing global commitment to peace and human rights and setting specific goals and targets toward reducing poverty and the worst forms of human deprivation. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) [click video here], set within 2015, affirm and reinforce the agreements on the goals and targets toward eliminating extreme poverty worldwide.

Along with all other countries, the Philippines committed to pursue all efforts to attain certain benchmarks in improving human life.  These commitments are embodied in the eight key goals in the MDGs. Since 2000, the Philippines has sought to attain these goals through its medium- term development plans. The eight MDGs are:

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Get to Know Alagad's Partner-Barangays

Services - Constituency Relations


TO EXPAND the reach of providing information for the poor through this portal, had partnered with barangays to reach the furthest corner of communities. The aim of this partneship is to mutually help both the barangays and the communities by promoting the programs and services of the national government and especially of the Barangay partners.

In lieu of the partnership, presents the profile, together with the programs and services for the community, of the following partner barangays [click the respective barangay picture to view complete profile/website and the B icon to visit blogsite]:


Scholarship Programs You Can Choose

Human Development and Social Services - Programang Edukasyon Para sa Maralitang Kabataan


KNOW THE wide range of scholarship programs available in the country and the institutions that support them - DepEd or CHED, colleges or universities, foundations or organizations, embassies, companies and philanthropists.

Scholarship programs in the Philippines come in many forms. The most popular among college students is the Entrance Scholarship, wherein successful applicants are fully or partially exempted from paying tuition fees for a semester or a year.

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