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SSS - Business Registration Requirements


AN EMPLOYER, or any person who uses the services of another person in business, trade, industry or any undertaking must be registered with the SSS. Social, civic, professional, charitable and other non-profit organizations, which hire the services of employees, are considered “employers”.

Register and submit the required documents below at the Social Security System (SSS) branch that covers the location of your official business office.

For Single Proprietorships:

An owner of a single proprietorship business may accomplish and submit the following:

  • SSS Forms R-1 (Employer’s Data Record) and R-1A (Initial or Subsequent List of Employees).
  • DTI Business Permit
  • Mayor’s Permit

For Partnerships:

Any of the partners of a partnership firm should accomplish SSS Forms R-1 and R-1A and submit these forms together with a photocopy of the Articles of Partnership. The original copy of the Articles of Partnership must be presented for authentication.

For Corporations:

A corporation must accomplish SSS Forms R-1 and R-1A signed by its president or any of the corporate officers or incorporators. Submit these forms together with the photocopy of the Articles of Incorporation. The original copy of the Articles of Incorporation must be presented to the SSS for authentication.

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